House Rules

Dear guests,

First of all, welcome in Can Totcha, our pied-à-terre in Ibiza.

We hope you will love the island as much as we do.

Explore it as much as you can, check out some beaches, find some nice beach “chiringuito’s”, enjoy the Ibiza’s great nature and soak up some sun and then return at night to this cosy place we made for ourselves and our guests, and that we hope you feel at home too.

As you see, we decorated this place with much love, so we count on it that you take care of it as you would at home.

Here are some house rules and useful information.


You get 3 keys:

- One to open the small door on the right side to enter the property on foot.

- The 2nd is a remote control to open the door on the left side, to enter with your car.

- The third key is the main key of the apartment.

> Do not forget to take the key with you, even when you swim. The front door closes automatically.

When you go out, make sure the glass doors on the deck are closed and locked. Turn off the lights and the airco and make sure the candles are off.

The terrace

As you can see, we use beautiful white pillows to decorate the terrace. There is there to use. Please take all the pillows from the terrace beds indoors or in the cabinet on the rooftop when it starts to rain (yes, sometimes it also rains in Ibiza).

Do not hang towels and swimsuits on the railing, there is a support (laundry spreader) in the laundry room.

There is a large sunscreen on the terrace to give you shade if you wish.

Living room

There is a flat screen TV with many channels in different languages.

Free wifi access.


  • Dishes :

We love good food, and the food presented on beautiful plates and glasses is so much more enjoyable. Enjoy it but handle it with care.

  • Food and others

We always try to leave things for the next guest like dish lozenges, toilet paper, small candles, coffee toppings etc.

If you have leftovers after your stay, you can leave them too. Honey, mustard and herbs can also be provided by the company provided for this purpose.

For fresh leftovers, you see better than Laura than with.

We always leave the fridge at 100% empty for the following guests.

  • Water

The water in Ibiza is not ideal for consumption. It's very salty, so it's not very good to use for tea or coffee. The best way to make coffee and drink is to do with bottles. Of course, you can use water, cook, take a shower and a hair dryer.

You can buy bottled water very cheaply (less than 1 euro for 5 liters).


The wifi network is free.

There’s also a Bose soundstation for free


There is air conditioning and heating in the apartment. When it's hot during the high season, you can put on the airo. The ideal temperature is 24 ° C. Please close all doors when you are in the apartment.

When it is not hot, do not turn off the air, open the large windows and the bathroom door: the pleasant breeze will be perfect.

The swimming pool

The pool is only used by the guests of the 6 apartments, but you will see the pool.

You can use the pool day and night (up to 12 hours), but be sure to stay calm for the neighbors.

Do not take glass at the pool.

If you move the chairs, replace them when you leave.

It is best to use your bath towels to keep you dry, to keep them dry. Please do not leave toys or other toys near the pool.

The pool is cleaned twice a week.

Car park

You have an automatic door opener on private property. Please do not lose it, otherwise you can not access the property with your car. When you leave, you have a lot of control over Laura.

There is a private parking space number 5 for your car. Only 1 space is available with the apartment , please if you have visiting of friends, ask them to put their car outside please.


There are no pets allowed in the apartment.

Trash can

In Ibiza, they do not collect garbage individually, in front of your door.

Throughout the island you will find garbage cans for glass, paper and garbage. Use small garbage bags and dispose of them regularly in garbage cans.

Sort your garbage and do not dispose of it illegally.

Gas station

There is a gas station from San Jose (San Joseph) to Eivissa (Ibiza).

By default

In case of default of wifi, electricity or other, you can call Laura cleaning service.

Contact at the location


+34 626 751 185 ((Native Spanish, speak good English))

Best contact via What'sapp or sms and then phone

His address

C / Atenas No. 30 edificio OD GROUP 1 planta 07817 Sant jordi – Baleares           

Useful phone numbers

  • URGENCY = 112 Hospitals / Emergencies Emergencies / Ambulance
  • 061 Hospital may be missing
  • 971 397 000 Polyclinic del Rosario - 971 301 916 Cas Serres Hospital
  • 971 392 960 Red Cross
  • 971 390 303 Maritime emergency
  • 900 202 202 Toxicology
  • 915 620 420 Emergencies firefighters
  • 112 Ibiza
  • 971 313 030 Police

If you suffer from theft and do not speak Spanish, you can call 902 102 112 to report the crime.

  • Gurdia Civil Emergencies - 062
  • Policía Nacional Ibiza - 971 39 88 31
  • San Antonio Local Police - 971 340 830
  • Ibiza - 971 315 861
  • Santa Eulalia - 971 330 841
  • Formentera - 971 322 201
  • Taxis Radio Taxi Ibiza - 971 398 340 Radio Taxi San José - 971 800 080 (also Airport) Radio Taxi San Antonio - 971 34 37 64
  • Radio Taxi Santa Eulalia - 971 33 33 33
  • Radio Taxi Formentera - 971 322 342
  • Flight and Airport Information - 971 809 000 (press or say 9 for English)
  • Shipping companies Balearia - 902 160 180
  • Trasmediterránea - 902 454 645 Iscomar - 902 119 128/971 437 500 (from abroad)
  • British Consulates - 902 109 356 (Mon-Fri 9 am-2pm)
  • Irish - 971 722 504 (Mallorca, Mon-Fri 10.00 - 14.00 h)
  • German - 971 315 763 (Mon-Fri 10.00 - 12.00 pm, closed sea)
  • English - 971 730 301 (Mallorca, Mon-Fri 9 am - 1:15 pm)
  • Italian - 971 724 214 (Mallorca) Dutch - 971 300 450 US - 971 403 707 (Mallorca, Mon-Fri 7.30 am - 1.30 pm)
  • Australian - 91 353 6600 (Madrid)

The information above is correct to the best of our knowledge, but may be subject to change.